So, I really need to be planning a little more for my wedding.   We are planning to do it in October 2013.   I have found a photographer.  We have some decorations.  I can’t decide where I want it at.  I  can’t make up my mind on the type of dress I want.  I went dress shopping once this year and got my feelings hurt.  Most people can afford a $1,000 dress however, I really can’t afford a $400 dress.  Yes, I could get a credit card but I don’t want to go into anymore debt than I have to to get married.
I have the most wonderful man in the world.   He aggravates the crap out of me but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  He constantly tells me he isn’t perfect but I have to remind him he is perfect for me.
Back to wedding stuff.  I want a dress with sleeves.  I don’t mean the little pieces of fabric they call sleeves that you can have added on.   Why is it so hard to find a dress with sleeves now-a-days?  I am self conscious of my upper arms and want them covered.  I would like for the dress to be already made with the sleeves not have them added or buy a jacket or shawl.   The world of wedding gowns is not made for big girls that are broke.  So I guess that’s partially why I want to shed a few pounds.  That and I’m tired of not being able to find clothes in my size on sale because all the other big girls beat me to it!!!!
Well that was my rant for the day.   I have a busy day ahead of me.  Peace out!  <- : p


My name is Morgande.  I decided to start a blog about my road to a healthier me.  Maybe telling the world that I am attempting weight loss and an overall better lifestyle might help me stick to it.  Heck, you never know, maybe this could inspire other young females to take charge of their lives.  I am 5’6″ and at about 245 right now.  This is the biggest I have ever been.  I’m ready to start losing the weight and gaining back my confidence.  My goal is to eventually be 170.  Now, I know according to doctors that I would still be considered overweight because of the BMI.  I say that that they are crazy.  Last time I was that small I could feel my hip bones.  I still had a little tummy but at least when I sucked it in, it went in!  Plus, I like having the curves of a female.  I don’t want to be flat and boyish.  Not knocking those that are thin.  To each their own.  I just want to know that later on down the road I’m not going to be kicking myself in the butt for not trying to take charge of my life.
At this point I am just exercising 30 mins a day.  I just started Monday.  I haven’t really change any of my eating habits yet.  I’m just trying to get myself through the initial shock (pain, stiffness, soreness, headache : P)  of working out.  I am using the Slim in 6 dvds because I am doing this alone at the moment so I need someone to workout with me.  That person right now is Debbie and her friends on the DVD….sad but true….
Well hope ya’ll will tune in on my journey.  I will also be posting about young adulthood, upcoming wedding, and eco-friendly products that my mom sells (pricey but worth it.)
Until next time…